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The Mystery of the Don Disaster  

Will I die today?
GONE: The Mystery of the Don Disaster explores the strange disappearance in 1941 of the pleasure craft DON with 34 people on board. No wreckage was ever found and only 14 bodies were recovered. The event remains one of New England's worst boating disasters. The film uncovers new answers to an old mystery.

An Unknown Tragedy in 1941
For more than 68 years, the sea off the rocky coast of Maine has held its secrets about this terrible loss of life. The event remains one of New England's worst boating disasters.

The doomed passengers boarded the 44' DON with only lobster and fun on their minds. Little did they know that their notorious rum-runner Captain was transporting them on a raucous ride to sudden death.

No one lived to tell their tale nor have those left behind been able to unlock the secrets in the intervening years. Until now. An adventurous team of filmmakers explore the mystery and in the process add a new chapter to this maritime disaster's story.

The one-hour documentary, shot in high definition at the original Maine locations, is an intriguing reminder of life's unpredictability. Through emotional interviews with relatives and eyewitnesses, the film unveils a personal look at the 34 people who vanished. Powered by a soundtrack of original music, various theories are investigated and possible sites of the tragedy are explored. This new analysis uncovers answers to why the wreck of the DON was never found.

The DON disaster was a catalyst and eventually maritime laws were written to improve both passenger and boating safety. The film puts a personal face on the price paid for these changes.